TconcepT design of the renewed Shopping Mall Zuidplein in Rotterdam (re)opened

On 25 January 2023 the renewed Shopping Mall Zuidplein has been opened by the mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam. Dutch based architectural firm TconcepT designed a renewed fresh interior with some impressive shopfronts for the outdated ’70s shopping mall of 60.000 m2 GLA, the mall also got an extension of 7.000 m2 GLA with convenience stores .

Zuidplein is the main shopping centre of the southern part of Rotterdam with over 160 shops and is one of the biggest shopping malls in The Netherlands. The mall is the centre of the Heart of the South mixed use densification area with residentials, a cinema, a theatre, an hotel and a convention centre. The shopping centre is owned by 50 different investors united in an Owners Association.

The upgrade of Shopping Mall Zuidplein focussed primarily in improving the quality, circulation and the experience of the mall. Entrances, malls, squares and touch points have been redesigned. By removing bridges and stairs, creating higher shop fronts and using light and natural materials, the mall transformed to a transparent and fresh environment. The squares and some shop fronts on anchor points have some surprising elements, like an immense translucent elevation with dynamic artistic images on the main square.