Construction for Nieuw Kijkduin Phase 2 well underway

Nieuw Kijkduin is a project like no other. Unique to the Dutch landscape, it comprises the transformation of an entire coastal town. For many years Kijkduin was the number one place for the citizens of The Hague. It attracted local families, friends and visitors from all corners of the Netherlands and beyond.

FRED Developers and TconcepT have taken on the challenge to revive old glory by turning Kijkduin into Nieuw Kijkduin. A mixed-use project with a focus on convenience. The entire project entails 7 uniquely designed residential towers that also house retail, hospitality and a parking garage. TconcepT was tasked to design the masterplan and several residential towers.

Nieuw Kijkduin will be completed in two phases. Phase 1 has already been delivered and is operational since juli 2021. Phase two will follow at the end of 2023.

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